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For General Inquiries

Please email Taylor Rutledge, Seminar Chairperson:

Questions about staff and returning to seminar can be directed to:

Tinsley Rutledge Director of Staff OR

Questions regarding student nominations or from students selected to attend MLS can be directed to:

Haley Weidner, Director of Recruitment

For Donating

Please email Becca Nyman, Director of Grants and Corporate Donations:


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By phone

You may leave a voicemail with 816.867.0334. Calls will be returned within 24-48 hours depending on volume.

Mailing Address:

Missouri Leadership Seminar, Inc.
PO Box 53 Ozark, MO 65721

Please note:

MLS is a volunteer organization. No one on the board is paid or volunteers full time. Calls and emails are usually replied to in the evenings or on weekends.

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