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Staff applications open December 1, 2020 and close on January 17, 2021.

To view requirements for applications, see the specific positions below.

For further questions on staff and applications, please email

Junior Facilitators (JuFa’s)

Junior facilitators are staff members under the age of 21. JuFa’s can come back in one of two general roles:

  • Group JuFa – Group JuFa’s have a group of Ambassadors that they assist a Senior Facilitator (SuFa) in guiding through the seminar. Group JuFa’s help keep their group on schedule, develop props for the group before the seminar, and help engage the group during the seminar.
  • Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) JuFa – Like the operations JuFa’s, PMA JuFa’s do not have a group. PMA JuFa’s primarily are responsible for keeping the energy level high at seminar. They lead cheers, encourage ambassadors to get involved and organize games and skits.

DSC_0305JuFa Requirements

  •  100 documented hours of community service. It is strongly suggested you complete 50 hours by staff applications so you have enough time to get 100 before training. Please send your community service log to before your training date, or bring a physical copy to training. For ideas about where to volunteer, see our affiliated civic organizations and charities page. 
  • 1 civic event (2 hours); please include in community service log
  • Completed staff application by January deadline
  • $150 fundraising requirement
  • Attendance at mandatory MLS training (To be held in April)

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Senior Facilitators (SuFa’s)

Senior Facilitators are staff members over the age of 21. The majority of SuFa’s have a group, or come back in a specialized role such as panel leader, photographer or resource room supervisor.

SuFa Requirements

  •  Age 21+IMG_0526
  • Completed staff application by January deadline
  • $75 fundraising requirement, $100 encouraged
  • Attendance at mandatory MLS training (To be held in April)

***Please note***

The board has decided to eliminate on-site training this year. ALL staff members are required to attend one of the two training sessions (out-of-state staff, included). If there are circumstances that prevent you from attending in person, you need to contact Tinsley and Eric via email ASAP (preferably by April 1st). Those who are approved can Skype into a training date listed in the application. There is a $50 fee for any staff member that joins the Skype call without notifying Tinsley and Eric before training. Staff who fail to communicate with Tinsley and Eric and fail to attend training (in-person or Skype) lose their invitation to seminar.


Board Members

Board Members are elected each summer for the seminar. Most board members are seminar alumni, but there are a wide variety of positions available. The board is the year-long planning committee that develops each seminar. If you are interested in possibly becoming a board member, please email the main account:

Other Volunteer Opportunities with MLS

MLS is always looking for volunteers and donations. If you would like to become more involved in the seminar but do not wish to serve as a staff member, here are some other things you can do:

  • Be a “Pro” at our Dinner With A Professional
  • Volunteer as a speaker for one of our 2019 panels
  • Attend a board meeting and help plan the 2019 seminarIMG_3035
  • Donate items – we have a revolving gift-in-kind list
  • Attend or help with a fundraising event for MLS, which happen throughout the year
  • Donate money to MLS – you can specify certain things you would like your donation used for
  • For ideas about where to volunteer, see our affiliated civic organizations and charities page. 

Please contact us if would like to be involved in any capacity with MLS and we can give you more information!

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